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At Enviro-USA our core business is manufacturing contractor Floating Turbidity Curtains, Turbidity Barriers, Turbidity Curtains and Fast Deployment Reel Oil Containment Booms. Our Floating Turbidity Barrier product line consists of DOT compliant Type 1, 2 and 3 Floating Turbidity Barriers, Dredging Barriers, Baffles and Ditch Barriers.Our Oil Containment Division product line consists of Fast Deployment Reel and Standard foam filled oil containment Booms for streams, lakes, marinas, rivers, ports and off-shore applications. Our booms comply with OPA 90, US Coast Guard, OSRO and ASTM F1523 guidelines.

Floating Turbidity Curtains

floating turbidty curtains
The Enviro-USA Floating Turbidity Curtains Division extensive product line consists of DOT Compliant Type 1, 2 and 3 (Light, Medium and Heavy Duty) Floating Turbidity Barriers, Dredging Barriers, Baffles, Ditch Barriers and accessories such as anchor systems, Tow Bridles and Marker Lights. We easily comply with your state DOT requirements and we always have Floating Turbidity Barriers in stock.


enviro-usa accessories
Accessories include:
25 & 40 lb Anchor Systems
Land/shoreline Anchoring Systems
Fuel Transfer Oil Booms
Fast Erect Temporary Storage Tanks
Floating Towable Bladders
Boom Separators
Towing Bridles
Oil Boom Repair Kits

Oil Absorbent Products

Our Oil only Absorbent Boom, Pads, Rolls, Spill Kits and Socks are an effective and economic means of controlling and recovering small and medium size oil spills in ponds, bays, marinas, ports, harbors and industrial applications. These oil only absorbents have excellent oil absorption capacity while repelling water (oleophillic and hydrophobic). They have great tensile strength thereby allowing ease of handling and a fast and efficient recovery.

Oil Containment Booms

oil containment booms
We manufactures a wide range of Fast Deployment Reel and Standard foam filled oil containment booms for almost any application such as containing or diverting oil in marinas, rivers, ports and offshore. Most of our booms comply with OPA 90, US Coast Guard – OSRO and ASTM F1523 guidelines. We also carry Fuel Transfer Boom and accessories such as anchor systems, tow bridles and Marker Lights.

Inflatable Containment Barriers

inflatable booms picture
An Economical Solution when inflatable barriers are a must. Inflatable Oil Containment Barriers are perfect if you are limited by storage, must have a quick deployment or have a tight budget. When this boom is mounted on a reel it deploys much faster than aconventional boom and 1,000 ft (300m) can be deployed in approximately 13 minutes. It complies with OPA-90, US Coast Guard and ASTM F1523 boom guidelines. It was designed for use in Ports, Shorelines, Offshore and Open Sea.

Debris and Seaweed Barriers

debris and seaweed barrier picture
Enviro-USA’s Trash, Debris or Seaweed barriers are perfect for containing and diverting trash and debris in rivers, waterways, marinas, ports and coastal applications. They are also very commonly used to keep seaweed from coming onto beaches in private residences, resorts and hotels. Available in light duty or heavy duty for long term deployments. When installed properly they will deflect the trash/debris to a specific area to allow for easy removal.

Dewatering Bags

Enviro-USA’s Dewatering Bags also known as Filter Bags or Sediment Bags are used to collect silt and sediment during dewatering operations. Our bags have been designed to handle high water flows, while providing great puncture, elongation and tensile strengths. As water passes through the bag it gets filtered while allowing the sediment to remain within the Sediment Bag. Our Dewatering Bags are made from 8 oz. non-woven geotextile fabric.

Temporary Storage Tanks

picture of temp storage tanks
Enviro-USA has great options for Fast Storage Tanks when the need arises. We have Fast Erect Temporary Storage Tanks for on land, Floating Towable Bladders for on the water, and Collapsible Pillow Water Tanks for on Land or truck. For more information or to view specs, please click the below link or give us a call.

Video – Turbidity Curtains

Click the above image or the below link to view our Floating Turbidity Curtains being used during construction efforts at the Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.
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